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Welcome to the Picture Game Community!

The Game is a writing exercise that helps you work on your writing in a short dose. Originally played by the chatty members of the online writing workshop, here are the rules so you can use it to sharpen your writing:

1. Main posts have an image behind the cut. look at the picture, and write for five minutes based on the picture that you see. The game started as an exercise in descriptions, so that's your default - to write a description of what you see. you can get fancy and try your hand at microfiction, or a hook, or an aspect of story writing you need to work on... but when in doubt, describe.

2. Post your writing to a comment. For your own sake, I'd suggest writing your bit and posting it as a comment BEFORE looking at what other people wrote - when we play the game, we do it in a chatroom, and everybody writes at once.

3. NO APOLOGIES! "This isn't very good, but..." "I'm sure I did this wrong, but..." "It came out a cliche, but..." and all other statements that apologize for your game writing are NOT ALLOWED. This is a Shitty First Draft. Sentences are allowed to limp. Metaphors can be mixed. It can be unpolished. You only had five minutes, for crying out loud!

4. Comments on other's contributions are good. but Be Polite, Be Balanced, and Be Helpful. (That doesn't mean you can't point out a weakness. It means if you're pointing out a weakness, balance it with a suggestion for improvement, and mention something that was done right.)

5. Members may contribute images for the game. Anyone with an LJ account can comment, whether to play or to comment on what someone else wrote. Anonymous posts won't be allowed.